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A few tips to keep your elevator up and running throughout the winter from our service department:

Look Out For Standing Water

To help minimize service calls, be on the lookout for standing water, snow and ice that may be in the lobby landing or hatch door sills. Piled snow and ice can prevent door movement and be a safety hazard. Property managers/building owners may put antifreeze in the door tracks to prevent freezing. Safe entrance and exit is a priority for passengers.

Remove Drifts & Ice

Clear out snow drifts and piled ice near your elevator doors on each landing. Ice can prevent water from draining properly, causing it to run down the hoistway, damaging equipment.

Check The Temperature

In order for elevator equipment to operate correctly, machine room temperatures must be properly maintained or climate controlled. Shifts in temperature can create condensation that can cause electric malfunctions. A controlled climate is normally achieved through HVAC systems, which must be on and properly set. In some cases auxiliary heat installment is required. Delaware Elevator can provide supplemental immersion heaters, which are installed in the hydraulic reservoirs to assist in properly maintaining the temperature of hydraulic elevators.


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Although headquartered in Salisbury, MD., Delaware Elevator has branch offices in Virginia Beach, VA; Upper Marlboro, MD; Wilmington, DE; Minnesota, the Carolinas and Florida.

Established in 1946, Delaware Elevator, Inc. is a family-owned, full service elevator company. Our corporate office is based in Salisbury, MD. Other branch locations include Virginia Beach, VA; Upper Marlboro, MD; Wilmington, DE; Minnesota, the Carolinas and Florida. Our various locations make it convenient to reach all of our existing and potential customers.


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