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​​Delaware Elevator’s local branch office is near you in Sarasota, Florida, for all your residential and commercial elevator needs. Our team is here to support you with over 500 full-time employees. We offer impeccable engineering, and complete design capabilities, with American-made and manufactured elevator products, that are stocked and ready for your project.


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Delaware Elevator is the leading company for residential elevators in Sarasota. Our residential and specialty applications team can offer customized elevators, specialty chairlifts, stairlifts, and vehicle lifts that are specially designed to match your lifestyle and enhance mobility. At Delaware Elevator in Sarasota, Florida, we create and produce a range of vertical transportation equipment with customized fixtures and features that will exceed expectations.

Our team is committed, skilled, and backed by more than 75 years of elevator expertise and a team of over 500 professionals. We are prepared to equip your next home renovation or new construction with a high-quality, long-lasting, and visually appealing residential elevator that will not only simplify your life but increase the value of your property for years to come.

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Delaware Elevator is the industry leader in commercial, residential, industrial, and marine elevator installation, and repairs as South Florida’s full-service, premier elevator company. Our Sarasota, Florida elevator company location currently employs over 50 team members, who all meet the certifications needed to be Sarasota’s leading elevator company, including quality QEI and CET qualifications.

Our team is on-call 24/7 to provide Sarasota, Florida with all of your elevator repairs and service needs.

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Are you seeking a customized elevator in Sarasota, Florida? Whether you desire an elevator that seamlessly blends in with your current decor or one that stands out as a unique feature, Delaware Elevator can customize your elevator or lift to your needs.

Designing and installing a customized elevator in your home requires careful planning of both its creation and placement. At Delaware Elevator in South Florida, we specialize in customizing all types of elevators and vertical transportation, including Sarasota’s diverse industry elevator installations, repairs, and maintenance. With our extensive expertise, we are equipped to work on a wide range of equipment from various manufacturers, providing Sarasota with the best custom elevators, as well as repair and maintenance services.

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Museum of the Bible

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Cambria Hotel

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Delaware Elevator’s Marine Division in Sarasota, Florida offers a comprehensive range of elevator services for marine vessels, including boat elevators, yacht elevators, maintenance, repair, modernization, installation, inspection, testing, and certification. We cater to various types of elevators on all kinds of vessels, whether commercial, government (including military), or offshore. As Sarasota’s premier marine elevator company, we are dedicated to enhancing the reliability and safety of elevators throughout the South Florida region, by utilizing cutting-edge components and controls.

Our team of certified technicians and inspectors at Delaware Elevator is equipped with the necessary expertise to respond promptly to any elevator-related concerns or issues in Sarasota, Florida. We offer 24/7 repair and servicing, ensuring that our clients can rely on us for all their elevator needs.

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