Freight & Industrial Elevators

Freight Elevators

Delaware Elevator can provide freight elevators for your project. Whether you are looking for an elevator to move fine art in a museum, grains in a feed mill, or any other type of haul – we can help!

Material Handling VRC Lifts | Rack & Pinion

Delaware Elevator offers heavy duty industrial material VRC lifts and Rack and Pinion Elevator for construction sites.

Material handling VRC Lifts can accommodate one thousand (1000) lbs. to over one-hundred thousand (100,000) lbs. of freight, vehicles, sanitation, etc.

Delaware Elevator is a proud supplier of STROS industrial elevators. These material handling applications are engineered and manufactured for reliability and longevity in harsh industrial environments and have a worldwide presence.


Dumbwaiters are the perfect application for moving food from one floor in your home or restaurant to the next. Our specialty applications team can assist you with the right equipment for your building.