Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement of the Eastern Shore & Delaware Elevator, Inc.

Delaware Elevator’s partnership with Junior Achievement of the Eastern Shore is a source of great pride for our company, as we firmly believe in the importance of nurturing the next generation of industry leaders. By establishing a storefront presence at the Perdue Henson Center, Delaware Elevator has created a unique opportunity for 10,000+ eager young minds to step into the shoes of real elevator professionals and gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating field each school year.

Throughout the day, students visiting our storefront are captivated as they explore the intricate technologies and specialized equipment that go into the design and operation of elevators – the unsung heroes of modern vertical transportation. From learning about the advanced safety systems that ensure smooth, reliable rides to discovering the complex mechanics that power these modes of conveyance, students develop a newfound appreciation for the critical role elevators play in our infrastructure.

The hands-on, interactive nature of the experience allows the young learners to truly grasp the realities of working in the elevator industry, sparking their imagination and inspiring them to consider future careers in this dynamic and ever-evolving field.

Many of our team members volunteer at the storefront each year. One thing they can all agree on is that the enthusiasm and wonder radiating from the students’ faces as they navigate the simulated work environment is a testament to the profound impact of this immersive learning opportunity provided by Delaware Elevator and Junior Achievement of the Eastern Shore.

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