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Employee Reviews

Coming from a general contracting background, it had given me a bit of head start. However, it’s not comparable to the knowledge and ability I’ve gained over the past 3 years. The apprenticeship program has really elevated my understanding beyond just the technical applications of building elevators. I would like to thank both Delaware Elevator and the NAEC for the opportunity in this wonderful career.

– Thomas Lubeski, Year 3 Apprentice

Over this past year and a half I have learned a lot about not only how to properly maintain these advanced machines, but also how many nuances there can be between each elevator. Although my time in the military has helped start my career, being in the CET program has help elevate it. Learning from the program and working beside mechanics that went through the program has and will continue to help heighten not only my knowledge but the company for years to come. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work and learn with the CET program and everyone in the company.

– Dillan Young, Year 2 Apprentice

I began working for Delaware Elevator four years ago. Throughout my time in the CET apprenticeship program I have learned and experienced many things. This program has been very beneficial in my life and many others leaning the elevator trade. I am very appreciative of this opportunity that I have been given. I look forward to passing the CET test in the next few months and continuing to learn as much as I possibly can.

– Shawn Gravenor, Year 2 Apprentice

I have been employed with Delaware Elevator for five years now. During the five years working here, I have learned many skills to be a better elevator mechanic. I have done this through hands on work in the field with experienced mechanics, and by gaining knowledge through the CET program. I am still learning new things everyday, and seems like there is always something new in this field of work. My last few years employed at Delaware Elevator, I was able to further read print schematics and understand the wiring process. I then became more confident in putting everything together and creating a process that works best for me. The CET program and working at Delaware Elevator has given me the foundation that I need to be successful elevator mechanic.

– Bryce Smith, Year 4 Apprentice

I have been working for Delaware Elevator 2 1/1 years now and appreciate the opportunity given to me. The CET program has been crucial to learning and advancement within the company. I have learned so much and continue to learn as I progress through the program. There is so much to the elevator world. This has been a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to meet many people and see many places.

– Keith DesRoberts, Year 2 Apprentice

I started working at Delaware Elevator in 2019. I thought I knew about elevators from the little experience I had, but boy was I wrong! This trade and the CET program has opened up my mind to the world of engineering. I can stay that this experience has dramatically changed my way of thinking and my life overall. I’m tremendously grateful for the support system this company has from the supervisors to the mechanics to the people in the office… who are always willing to help… BEST JOB EVER!

– Krishna Bigby, Year 4 Apprentice Salisbury

During my 2 year span with Delaware Elevator and being a part of the CET program I’ve learning more than I thought possible. I’m very thankful for my supervisors and the technicians that I’ve worked with as well. They’ve taken great interest in teaching and motivating me to do better everyday. In combination with their efforts and the exceptional and informative books the CET program provides, I feel confident that moving forward with this career I’ll have the proper tools and information to do my job to the fullest.

– Joseph Frushon, Year 2 Apprentice

I’ve been with Delaware for about a year and 5 months, and I never thought I would love working with elevators. I wanted to become an apprentice to better myself not only in the industry but learn more of how everything works in general. One thing I love about the program is working with my hands and understanding the purpose of elevators. I see myself becoming a mechanic, bettering not only myself, but my apprentice as well!

– Jesse Draper, Year 1 Apprentice VA Beach

I wanted to take the next step in life and have a career where I can be proud of what I do and the work I complete. I feel I have big shoes to fill by not only being second generation but also from the example set by all the top notch Mechanics and Apprentices I work around

– Garret Mudge, Year 3 Apprentice Salisbury

I have been working with Delaware Elevator for a year and 5 months now. The CET program has been a fun and challenging experience. Even with having an automotive/diesel mechanic background, the program has challenged the way I fund solutions and improved my problem solving abilities. Along with the benefits of a great career, the completion of this program will advance my personal skills as well as my mechanical and electrical abilities and to travel multiple places and see new things.

– Karon Patton, Year 1 Apprentice Salisbury

I have been working at Delaware Elevator for a little over 2 years now and it has been quite the experience. The program has helped my career in many ways by being accepted at the AET level in which I passed and hopefully I pass the exam at the CET level as well in the future.

– Joseph Tingle, Year 3 Apprentice