Repairs & Upgrades

Whether your objective is to upgrade your elevator due to age, compliance with ADA requirements or a desire to be more energy efficient, Delaware Elevator can accommodate your needs. Some of the components we can replace are as follows:


  • Elevator controls have an average life expectancy of 25 years depending on the environment and elevator code.  Delaware Elevator can provide and install a variety of controllers such as Virginia Controls, Smartrise Elevator Controls, Motion Controls, Elevator Controls Inc., GAL, etc.
  • WARNING: One specific type of controller that exists (Southeastern/Esco controller with IBM/DDP type relays) is of serious safety concern. If you currently have this type of controller, please contact our office for more information. Additionally, Omron Controls are now obsolete and should also be replaced.


  • While replacing your elevator controls, it is typically necessary to also replace your fixtures due to new controls needing to meet new elevator safety codes required for fireman’s service, etc.

Power Units

  • Most power units have a lifespan of 25 years.
  • Delaware Elevator can provide a new submersible power unit with multi lead motors. This will provide more efficient and reliable operation and allow other cost saving equipment to be added to the elevator such as electronic soft starters.

Door Equipment

  • Elevator door equipment includes the door operator, hatch door panels, car door panels, infrared door detector, sills, struts, headers and door bucks.
  • This equipment in most cases is susceptible to the outside environment. Doors cause more shutdowns than any other piece of equipment.
  • We have the ability to install waterproof and corrosion resistant equipment, which help to reduce exposure the elements.


  • A hydraulic cylinder normally lasts for approximately 25 years.
  • Most elevators installed prior to 1972 were commonly single bottom hydraulic cylinders. These have since been found to be problematic and unsafe. Please contact our office if your cylinder is of this age.

Elevator Cab

  • Delaware Elevator can provide complete cab upgrades or replace interior cab panels, ceiling, etc. to improve the appearance of your elevator interior.
  • Various color selections can be provided upon request.

Infrared Detectors

  • An infrared detector can provide you with the maximum protection for the public.
  • Upon entering the elevator, an infrared beam detects objects within the entire length of the elevator doors. This is a tremendous safety feature and also can take place of having a safety edge and electric eyes, which have to be physically pressed to re-open the car doors.

Soft Start

  • A motor soft starter can be installed to reduce costly electric current spikes that occur when starting the elevator. This is a “green” starter that will slowly ramp amperage, as opposed to mechanical starters.

Battery Backups

  • A battery backup can be placed on your hydraulic elevator.
  • In the event that you lose power in the building, this equipment would lower the elevator to the lowest landing selected and open the doors before turning off the elevator.
  • This safety feature could eliminate the inconvenience of an entrapment during a power outage.

Motors & Machines

  • The average life expectancy of a motor and machine is roughly 25-30 years.
  • Delaware Elevator in most cases can change your machine and motor to a “greener” machine, known as a permanent magnet motor and a gearless machine.

Power Correction

  • Power correction devices can be added to your elevator to allow your equipment to operate more efficiently, which can greatly reduce electric usage charges.