DEM Elevating Equipment

DEM Elevating Equipment is a family-owned-and-operated elevator manufacturing company based in Salisbury, Maryland. DEM EE began in the early 2000’s but has roots dating back to the 1930’s, when the Meeks family began selling elevator parts and equipment in Wilmington, Delaware.

DEM EE specializes in designing, engineering, and manufacturing group 1 equipment. The company offers a wide range of elevator parts and components, including power units, cabs, doors, entrances, pit ladders, and car top railings as well.

DEM EE’s continued commitment to providing the best quality products has made the business one of the largest, independent, non-proprietary elevator equipment manufacturers in the United States.

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IDEC Elevator Products

Since 1989, IDEC Elevator Products has been manufacturing & fabricating elevators for residential and commercial clients across the United States. IDEC’s specialization in both standard and custom elevator cabs, doors, entrances, and interiors makes them the smart choice for any building, including condos, hotels, retail stores, clubhouses, and more. Whether you’re planning for a new elevator or updating an existing one, IDEC will provide the knowledge and experience needed to stay within budget and within elevator safety code compliance on your Delaware Elevator Project.

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