Why Non-Proprietary Elevator Equipment

Why Do You Need Non-Proprietary Elevator Equipment? For Complete Ownership of Your Elevator System.

Like leasing a vehicle, when elevator equipment is proprietary, you do not own it. You can be charged for upgrades, software updates, and accrue additional service and maintenance fees. When equipment is non-proprietary, it belongs to you and the decisions are yours to make. At Delaware Elevator, Inc. we install non-proprietary equipment. 

Choice of Service and Maintenance Provider

Any certified elevator technician can perform service and maintenance on non-proprietary elevator equipment. You are not locked into one service and maintenance provider and have the ability to collect numerous bids, breeding competition and driving down cost on bid day. This also gives you, the owner, the right to choose from various providers when replacement parts are needed for repairs.

Availability of Parts

Non-proprietary equipment manufacturers stock parts for less elevator downtime and fast lead times.

Supports Local Business

Gives the locally vetted, independent, elevator contractors the opportunity to bid the job and work in the communities they love!